30 Mar-1 Apr 2020 Lyon (France)

We welcome the participation of the astronomical community to the BlueMUSE science workshop, which will happen between March 30th and April 1st in Lyon, France


BlueMUSE is one of the instrument concepts presented at the VLT2030 workshop, for which ESO is requesting white papers in its long-term implementation plan. It is an optical seeing-limited, blue-optimised, medium spectral resolution, panoramic integral-field-spectrograph, to be installed on one of the telescopes of the VLT on Cerro Paranal (Chile). The project is an evolution of the technology used on the very successful VLT / MUSE instrument, but with a new and distinct science case enabled by its main characteristics

  • A wavelength coverage 350 – 600 nm

  • An average spectral resolution R~4000
  • Minimum 1 arcmin2 and up to 2 arcmin2 field-of-view.

Due to its unique parameter space, BlueMUSE is foreseen to cover broad science cases, from solar system objects to high redshift galaxies. It has strong synergies with future facilities such as JWST, ELT, SKA and Athena, as highlighted in the BlueMUSE science white paper.

This workshop aims at bringing together the scientific community and discuss the key science cases in relation with the top level requirements and capabilities of BlueMUSE. It is an opportunity to engage the community and push forward the BlueMUSE project. We are specifically seeking input from the community on specific science cases where BlueMUSE will have a strong impact due to its uniqueness. A mirror science workshop will happen in Australia by mid-2020. 


Preliminary Program

The workshop program will include a few overview and invited talks but the large majority will be dedicated to individual contributions and scientific discussions.

The topics we aim to cover are the following:

  • Solar system 

  • Galactic (including stars and ISM)

  • Nearby galaxies 

  • Distant galaxies and cosmology

  • Discussions on synergies with current and future facilities


Confirmed speakers

Sebastiano Cantalupo (ETH)

Matthew Hayes (Stockholm University) 

Sebastian Kamann (LJMU) 

Cyrielle Opitom (ESO)

Céline Péroux (ESO) 

Fabrice Martins (LUPM) 

Alessia Moretti (INAF)

Anne Verhamme (Geneva Observatory) 

Jeremy Walsh (ESO) 


Venue and registration

The venue for the workshop is the Ecole Normale Supérieure, in Lyon city center. There will be no registration fees, but the room capacity is limited to 70 persons. Also, to help with the planning only registrations prior to March 1st will be guaranteed.

Jan 15th: 1st announcement - registration opens

Feb 15th: 2nd announcement - preliminary program and confirmed invited speakers

March 1st: abstract deadline for individual contributions.


Scientific Organising Committee

Roland Bacon (CRAL)

Jarle Brinchmann (CAUP)

Laure Ciesla (LAM)

Emanuele Daddi (AIM / CEA)

Matthew Hayes (Stockholm University)

Jean-Paul Kneib (EPFL)

Ana Monreal-Ibero (IAC)

Cyrielle Opitom (ESO)

Johan Richard (CRAL) (chair)

Martin Roth (AIP)

Ian Smail (Durham)

Anne Verhamme (Geneva Observatory)


Local Organising Committee

Nicolas Bouché (CRAL)  (chair)

Roland Bacon (CRAL)

Marion Farcy (CRAL)

Maxime Rey (CRAL)

Johan Richard (CRAL)



This workshop is sponsored by the French National Programmes (PNCG and PNPS), the LaBeX LIO and CRAL.


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